Duration: From 01 to 30 September 2020

Location: Saigon Centre

Shoppers with spending from VND900,000 at Saigon Centre in September receive attractive gifts (*)!

(*) Terms & conditions:

  • Promotion duration: 01 – 30/09/2020.
  • The promotion is applicable for Rewards+ members with total accumulated spending from VND900,000 at Saigon Centre recorded in Rewards+ app.
  • Saigon Centre will announce the results on 15/10/2020 (tentatively) to eligible members as follows:
    • Only 1 top spender will receive Apple Watch Series 5.
    • The next 9 spenders with spending following the top one will receive BOSE speakers.
    • All other eligible members will receive 9,999 Rewards+ points.
  • In the event there are more members reaching the same eligible accumulated spending amount for each prize, the one who snap receipts earlier into Rewards+ will be entitled the rewards.
  • Each member can redeem maximum 1 gift throughout the promotion.
  • If customers sign up for Rewards+ after the promotion duration, their receipts are not eligible for the promotion. 
  • Valid receipts must be from VND50,000 (including Takashimaya) and dated from 01 to 30/09/2020, excluding vouchers and other discount promotions. 
  • Event receipts, handwritten receipts, top-up receipts, reprint receipts, deposit receipts, goods return receipts, bank slips, goods return receipts, receipts having signs of erasing, counterfeiting or blurring information, over required period are not applicable for points accumulation and this promotion.
  • Not applicable for receipts of Chanel; California Centuryon Club and purchasing gift cards at Saigon Centre. 
  • Members will snap valid receipts on Rewards+ app within 07 days from the date of issued receipts.
  • Retail tenants & their staff are not eligible to participate in the promotion (despite having required receipts).
  • Only owners of members’ accounts with matching members’ information are eligible for redemption. Saigon Centre does not accept redemption on behalf.
  • Rewards+ & Saigon Centre are not responsible for rejected receipts re-submitted later than program duration.
  • The winners must present the ID/Passport and member code at Information counter, Level 1 to redeem the gifts (excluding Rewards+ points). Saigon Centre will not accept redemption by other methods or late redemption.
  • Saigon Centre reserves the rights to request members to present receipts, products and purchasing evidences to verify information account and spending amount in promotion duration.
  • By providing personal information for Saigon Centre, shoppers agree that Saigon Centre can use them to promote the mall's upcoming promotion programs.
  • Members must comply with terms and conditions of Rewards+ loyalty program.
  • Rewards+ and Saigon Centre Management reserve the right to change the rules & regulations as and when necessary.



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